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Magazine Subscriber Mailing Lists

The Library of Congress states that there are over 75,000 periodicals including magazines and newspapers published in the United States and Canada alone. This represents about 60% of the world’s total. About 20,000 of those are consumer magazines covering every imaginable interest, subject, hobby, professional affiliation, and topic. Most of these magazines have subscriber lists of customers who receive their issues through the mail.

Actually, magazine subscriber lists are one of the best sources of quality mailing lists available. Generally speaking, they are well kept since the publishers need to know where their customers are in order to mail the subscription. Even better, it is the customers themselves who are usually on top of any address changes! As a result, most magazine subscriber lists are reliable and accurate with highly deliverable contacts.

1000Lists Can Research Your Magazine Subscriber Lists

But that is not the only reason why direct marketers love magazine subscriber lists. You can tell a lot about a person by the magazine that he or she subscribes to. For example, you can pretty much bet that subscribers to Dog Lovers magazine are, well, dog lovers, and most likely dog owners who want to buy products and services for their best friend. But the list brokers at 1000Lists can help you zero in on your target market even closer.

For example, your designer leather dog toy may be a pretty good hit with Dog Lovers magazine subscribers, but per capita you may do even better with subscribers to Dog Toy Lovers magazine. This magazine subscriber list may be smaller and not as well known, but you will likely have a more captive market and therefore a higher response, increasing your Return on Investment (ROI). This is a fictitious example, but it illustrates how digging a little bit deeper can really improve your results.

1000Lists can help you dig. Our list brokers and researchers have years of experience, and we know how to find the magazine subscriber lists that are most likely to fit with your marketing offer. Searching for and researching those 20,000 magazine titles yourself can be tedious and time consuming. The team at 1000Lists can do all the legwork for you so that you can focus entirely on the big picture.

Contact Our List Brokers Today To Find Your Best Bet Magazine Subscriber Lists

Purchase your magazine mailing lists through 1000Lists and get ahead on your next direct marketing campaign. Our list brokerage and research services cost you nothing – we receive our compensation from the list owners in the form of a commission – so you have nothing to lose. And after we help you launch this successful campaign, we’ll be here ready to help you again with your next one. Contact us right now for a free consultation or for more information about magazine subscriber mailing lists!

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