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Direct Mail Fundraising Donors

When looking for donors to contribute to your foundation, non-profit organization, or other charitable cause, the best source of new leads is from past donors of other campaigns. And the best way to find those is through direct mail fundraising donors lists. Our list brokers can help you get the highest-quality lists available from reliable sources. These owners constantly maintain their lists, weeding out old or expired addresses and updating new addresses. And that’s important to finding your direct mail fundraising donors – or any other direct marketing initiative – because your target donors won’t respond if they don’t get your package.

Not sure of exactly who your “ideal” donor is? The list brokers at 1000Lists can help. Some selects are obvious: if you are raising money for your animal shelter, then past direct mail fundraising donors to other animal rights and protection organizations are a pretty good bet. Others may not be so obvious. For example, if you are trying to get funding for your new church, clearly Christian mailing lists are a good choice. But depending on your focus, connecting with donors to the Republican party may help too, since many align themselves with Christian and family values.

Hundreds of Searchable Direct Mail Fundraising Donors Lists are Available

1000Lists can get you reliable lists from hundreds of different direct mail fundraising donor sources that will match your campaign objectives. We can find past donors to:

  • Disease-Specific Foundations (Cancer, Diabetes, etc.)
  • Veterans Associations
  • Police and Fire Department Initiatives
  • Political Party Donors (Republican, Democratic)
  • Ethnic Organizations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Specialty Foundations (Animal Rights, Arts, Nature, etc.)

…and many more. By matching the demographics of past direct mail fundraising donors as closely as possible to your own campaign scope, you will find people who have donated to worthy causes in the past, and who believe in your own mission.

Our list brokers and researchers can limit your possible donors even further by selecting only certain demographics including:

  • Geographic Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Average Income
  • Average Past Donations
  • Minimum/Maximum Donations
  • Multi-Donors

…and others. Finding past direct mail fundraising donors is one thing, finding the right ones who are most likely to contribute to your campaign is quite another. But with a little bit of planning (creating a profile of your target donor) and searching for that ideal donor, you can boost your success and spend less money doing it.

Our List Brokers Will Help You Find Your Best Direct Mail Fundraising Donors

Find out right now how 1000Lists can improve your results. Our staff of list brokers, researchers, and marketers have only one goal in mind: making sure you reach your goals. If you want the best possible direct mail fundraising donors on your mailing lists, contact us by phone or e-mail and get your campaign on the right track.

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